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The Elements
The water surrounding me chills my soul
The earth beneath me cages me in
The wind above me sets me free
And the fire within me sees it through
:iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 4 1
Death's Embrace
Chapter Three: Death's Embrace
I get to my apartment as soon as I can and wait.
I wait for hours, yet nothing happens. No one shows up. I constantly call Samantha's phone over and over again, but I keep getting a busy signal. I pace around the room, which doesn't help. I want to get Samantha. I need to get Samantha.
I go into my bedroom and fish out the steel suitcase from underneath my bed. The gun reflects sunlight in my eyes. I squint and then I see her. Her body lies on the floor, where I had been moments before. She's been mutilated. I run over to her and call her name. There's no reply. I feel for her pulse. There is none. My lips press to hers, they're ice-cold. And I know that there's no saving her. She's been dead for hours.
"Sorry I had to kill off your girlfriend." I turn toward the doorway where he's standing. Gaz has changed. He's no longer the dumb, lanky dark haired and blue-eyed man I had killed a few days ago. He's now big, muscular, red haired and has eyes the color o
:iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 2 3
A Captured Love
Chapter Two: A Captured Love
"So explain to me why we have to go Jaden." Her beautiful eyes stare into mine, they're intoxicating. I can't lie to her.
"Samantha…I…I just can't explain, okay?"
"I don't need this anymore. If you're not going to tell me anything, then maybe I should just leave." She gets off the couch and begins to walk away. Her curly blonde hair swings back and forth like a pendulum. Her grassy green eyes look back one more time, and then she's out the door.
I sit in silence.
You should've told her the truth. She would've understood. I think to myself, but I know that's not true. Something tells me that she wouldn't have been thrilled about me killing someone. I already had to lie to her about my past. How I had been born and raised in Seattle and then moved to New York to follow my dream of being an artist. None of that was true. I had been born and raised in a small town in Idaho and had been shipped away to live with my grandparents in New York at the age o
:iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 4
Blood Stained Canvas
Chapter One: Blood Stained Canvas
He's watching me.
I know it.
I don't care.
All that matters is the paintbrush and I.
That's it.
Put everything else out of mind.
"That's a very interesting piece you have there." He takes a step closer.
"Oh, I didn't know you were there Gaz. What do you want this time?" I set my brush down and face him.
"I just have a few questions. If you make this easy I can be out of here soon. All I ask is for your cooperation."
"And what makes you think I won't cooperate?"
He chuckles. "I know you Jaden. You're not the cooperating type."
"I'll cooperate if it's in my best interest."
"Oh, trust me, it is."
"Then why don't you have a seat," I usher toward a chair, and turn back to my painting. "Now what exactly do you want from me?"
"They want me to bring you back."
I hesitate, and then turn toward him. "I left that life a long time ago. I'm an artist now, nothing more. I'm afraid I'm not going with you."
"I understand that, but I'm afraid you don't have a choice."
:iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 6 9
iiPod by Ace--Of--Spades iiPod :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 1 6 Entangled by Ace--Of--Spades Entangled :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 2 4 Dust in the Wind by Ace--Of--Spades Dust in the Wind :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 4 2
Sticky Fingers
(Two boys walk into a convenience store)
Jonathon: Finally! A whole week’s work finally paid off! A full five dollars! (Holds out money so the audience can see.)
Tommy:  Oh! I’m gonna buy this one. It’s only three dollars!
Jonathon: Tommy, Tommy, Tommy. You don’t want to spend all that money do you? Wouldn’t you rather save up the money up for next week so you could get something really cool?
Tommy: Nope. I want the candy bar.
Jonathon: Well, you can still get it. All you have to do is take it without anyone noticing!
Tommy: Um…Jonathon…isn’t that stealing?
Jonathon: No, of course not! It’s more like…borrowing without asking.
Tommy: Well…I don’t know.
Jonathon: Oh, come on. What’s the worse that could happen?
Tommy: Well, let’s see. First off we could caught. And then the police would come, and we’d get taken to jail! They’d call us the Chocolate Bandits! Oh, I don’t want to go to jail! I
:iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 1 4
iLuke by Ace--Of--Spades iLuke :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 0 iAustin by Ace--Of--Spades iAustin :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 3 iMechanical-Menace by Ace--Of--Spades iMechanical-Menace :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 8 Zoo Pals by Ace--Of--Spades Zoo Pals :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 5 iElite--Paradox by Ace--Of--Spades iElite--Paradox :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 2 iAOS by Ace--Of--Spades iAOS :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 4 1 iMuscleman by Ace--Of--Spades iMuscleman :iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 3 5
Man of My Word
Another Man Mysteriously Murdered
At five o’clock this morning the body of Jonathon Billings, police investigator, was found in his apartment. Police have reason to believe that his murder is closely related to those of Janna Washington, Michael Scott, and Emilio Cortez, who were all murdered within the past month with the same murder weapon, a Colt Python. If you have any information about the murder of Jonathon Billings or any of the other murder victims, please contact the authorities right away.
I sit the article down, letting the information sink in. I lean back, letting my hat slip over my face. My eyes feel heavy and begin to close from the exhaustion of work weighing down on me. Memories flood out my mind, memories of February eighth. The last day I would ever be a follower.
“I mean how hard can it really be to find this guy? He’s already murdered three people. Shouldn’t he have already left enough evidence for us to find him?” Jonathon asks. You ca
:iconace--of--spades:Ace--Of--Spades 2 2


Naruto OC: Sora's timeline by XxSoratsuhiMitsukoxX Naruto OC: Sora's timeline :iconxxsoratsuhimitsukoxx:XxSoratsuhiMitsukoxX 5,943 1,233 We Are the Titans by DavidFernandezArt We Are the Titans :icondavidfernandezart:DavidFernandezArt 1,564 126 The Beast Within -line work- by DarkKenjie The Beast Within -line work- :icondarkkenjie:DarkKenjie 2,631 131 Commission- Errend Duviel by DavidFernandezArt Commission- Errend Duviel :icondavidfernandezart:DavidFernandezArt 236 10 Cyber knight by longai Cyber knight :iconlongai:longai 1,896 106 Assassin's Creed Brotherhood by longai Assassin's Creed Brotherhood :iconlongai:longai 2,534 92 Star wars by longai Star wars :iconlongai:longai 3,668 223
Mature content
Chapter One: Protected :iconelite--paradox:Elite--Paradox 2 1
hiding from beautiful world by CasheeFoo hiding from beautiful world :iconcasheefoo:CasheeFoo 306 20 Ichigo Vs. Covies 9 by Mechanical-Menace Ichigo Vs. Covies 9 :iconmechanical-menace:Mechanical-Menace 3 5 Juggernaut -Colored- by DarkKenjie Juggernaut -Colored- :icondarkkenjie:DarkKenjie 1,020 83 Star Wars Sketch Cards by DavidFernandezArt Star Wars Sketch Cards :icondavidfernandezart:DavidFernandezArt 331 23 Sketch Commish- SITH by DavidFernandezArt Sketch Commish- SITH :icondavidfernandezart:DavidFernandezArt 368 33 Commission - Ghost of Katarr by DavidFernandezArt Commission - Ghost of Katarr :icondavidfernandezart:DavidFernandezArt 319 14


Just so everyone knows, I have been on DA more lately, and hope to stay on. BUT I haven't put anything up lately because, well, no ideas are popping up in my head. I may write another chapter of my unamed story, but I'm beginning to think that I may put that one aside for a while. I may possibly be working on more iPod pictures, but probably not for a while. So what I'm saying is that I'm here, but don't really expect anything from me unless I randomly think of something some day.

Thanks guys!


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